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he always say that im too cold too lovey dovey tsundere (go hard on tsundere!!)
he said that im so moe that he is an otaku today
he wants me to be his bae he wants me to come and stay
he thinks i think its cute that he watches anime
(fade in) hikikimori every day, baby wanna come and play
maybe try and come my way and we can play an ecchi game
your 2d girl, this 3d world, i know to you it’s virtual
and maybe if you really want it, we bring out the tentacles
(fade LOUD) no hentai on this wifi, call me your waifu i
think that you’re a weeaboo drooling at my seifuku
looking at the thigh highs territory absolute
looking at this imoutou like you want all of this for you

senpai i noticed you, noticing me, after school
tryna catch me bending over, wanna see the pantsu
wanna see this neko mew, like hello kitty who are you
hello kitty im so pretty and i know you think so too
you’re like can i pikachu and im like keep your hands off, boo
you couldnt touch an animated girl, if you wanted to
but you can keep it up for me, you know that im kawaii
you want me to be your kouhai, you can keep imagining

you want me to be like onii chan can i get the D
you want me to hop up on it but no that’s not happening
i only hop up on bishies, pretty boys and the yuri
you think that i’ll be your loli cuz im only seventeen
but no i think you should keep it to your eroge
no im not yours i wont even be your yandere
you might think that i’m just shy, fairy type like im Gen. 5 but
really i’ve got better guys who wanna be my senpai


from 8PRINCESS, released September 28, 2015
mixed/vocals by wifi baby
prod. dietrich x haardtek



all rights reserved


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