HELLO KITTY MOBBIN ft. $WAGGOT ♡ prod. スプレーspray

from by wifi baby



(wifi baby)

hello im hello kitty mobbing
leave that white guy sobbing
stealing hearts like im part of
a corner store robbing
static on the television
more like static cling
you’re waiting by your phone
looking for that hotline bling

baby G on my wrist
only buy expensive shit
with your dad’s credit card
hitting licks

and you say i’m a bad girl now
but all i can say is it’s time to bow down
on your knees saying please to the goddess
call me your only savior
apologize for being on all of your worst behavior

fund me for the rest of my life promise me
that you wont ever wanna make me your wife
cuz you know that i have so many things to do with my time
and you aren’t the only one who is willing to let me buy
anything i’d ever want
everyone wants me to flaunt
wants me on their arm
im the new debutante

i caught a man the other day but i had to let him go cuz he didnt wanna pay
he asked me what is my fee for another selfie and i said try me
sendin him a link to my amazon wish list so he sends a list of his kinks can i hit this
so i sent a paypal link if you click this
but secretly im kind of into it
hello kitty mobbin like kreayshawn in 2010
$WAGGOT and wifi baby oh baby
never working but they pay meeeeeeeeeeeee
hello kitty mobbin
like kreayshawn in 2012


from 8PRINCESS, released September 28, 2015
featuring/mixed by $waggot ♥
produced by スプレーspray



all rights reserved


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